I was Contacted by owner of a 1966 Pontiac GTO convertible that had been involved in a rear-end collision. The GTO had severe damaged to the right rear quarter panel and was brought to a reputable Collision repair shop near Boston Massachusetts. The repair shop and assigned insurance appraiser (neither a classic car expert) agreed on an estimate of repair. Inexperienced in classic Pontiac repair the repair shop cut off the left rear quarter panel and ordered replacement. When the replacement panel arrived it was discovered that the repair technician had cut the panel incorrectly and the replacement panel could not be installed, the technicians cut more off the car than was supplied with aftermarket replacement. This is a hard lesson learned when not familiar with aftermarket replacement parts. The car sat for months in the repair shop with no resolution.

I was contacted at this point, the car is cut, no replacement panel available to replace. A 4 week search for a factory issued replacement (Known in the industry as N.O.S) or satisfactory used part is started, no such luck with the search. I report to the owner car is not repairable without a factory replacement or good used part, part is rare and at this time cannot find one for sale. Owner of GTO is not happy and would like a resolve. A lawsuit against the first repair shop that cut the panel off incorrectly is started.

Hired by vehicle owner as an expert, I worked with his attorneys to form a case. Difficult to convey to a jury the technicalities of vehicle repair, I testified. This was a long case with many “experts” apposing my findings. In the end, the jury found in favor of my client and awarded him full value of his damaged vehicle, $60,000.00. The right verdict, it was not his fault that inexperienced shop destroyed his otherwise repairable vehicle.


Client: Insurance Company
Todd Lewis was contacted by largest Collector Car Insurance Company in the United States to review a case of two vehicles involved in a garage fire.
Client: Automotive Shop
We were contacted by a restoration shop that was being litigated against by an unhappy customer. The claim was “restoration shop breeched the contract and vehicle owner incurred damages between $200,000.00 to $250,000.00”.
Client: Classic Pontiac GTO Owner
We were contacted by the owner of a 1966 Pontiac GTO convertible after an inexperienced collision repair shop destroyed his otherwise repairable vehicle follwing a rear-end collision.


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