Collectible Car Authentication, Valuation and Insurance Mediation
Collectible cars, from vintage to modern, restored to custom, are the focus of an enthusiastic group of collectors–and investors–across the globe. Every year this hugely expensive venture becomes less of a hobby and more of an obsession to tens of thousands of collectors. As with any business (or hobby) where large sums money are involved, disputes, fraud and less than responsible business practices often arise.

Todd M. Lewis brings an impartial, expert perspective to disputes regarding valuation, authenticity, and restoration of collectible vehicles.

About Todd

Todd Todd M. Lewis has been a classic and vintage automotive vehicle repair and restoration shop owner for over 25 years. Todd has extensive knowledge of stock and custom, domestic and foregn verhicle brands of all eras.

His training and experience in the body and paint crafts have gained him and his firm national recognition from the press, museums and intitutions, winning national awards. Download Todd’s resume HERE.


Client: Insurance Company
Todd Lewis was contacted by largest Collector Car Insurance Company in the United States to review a case of two vehicles involved in a garage fire.
Client: Automotive Shop
We were contacted by a restoration shop that was being litigated against by an unhappy customer. The claim was “restoration shop breeched the contract and vehicle owner incurred damages between $200,000.00 to $250,000.00”.
Client: Classic Pontiac GTO Owner
We were contacted by the owner of a 1966 Pontiac GTO convertible after an inexperienced collision repair shop destroyed his otherwise repairable vehicle follwing a rear-end collision.


Vehicle Valuation & Authenticity

Protecting a client’s interest in the purchase or sale of collector vehicles.

  • Evaluating vehicles for estates, divorces and civil disputes.
  • Inspections to ealuate quality of vehicle, market value, document authentication, authenticating VIN numbers, authenticating driveline numbers, and decoding data plates

Expert Witness Testimoney

Providing attorneys, insurance companies, private individuals and collector vehicle repair or restoration shops an unbiased, expert perspective on collector vehicle disputes.

  • Pre-trial strategy, reporting and interrogatory statements
  • Easy to understand reports and dialog
  • Well-spoken and professional on witness stand
  • Use of common terms to effectively relay technicalities

Insurance Appraisals & Mediation

Helping to resolve conflicts among repair shops, vehicle owners and underwriters.

  • Perform detailed inspections on vehicles of all makes and models
  • Leverage knowledge of repair procedures and sources for like quality repair parts
  • Prepare written reports and appraisals using physical data collected
  • Review all correspondence beetween involved parties, including appraisals, written correspondence, emails, discovery material and interrogatories





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